Comitato Territoriale

Imola Faenza

La squadra cambia nome: We Are Bulls

I ragazzi e le ragazze del lacrosse hanno annunciato il nuovo nome e il nuovo logo della squadra sulla propria pagina Facebook. Da oggi saranno i Bulls!

We wanted to find an animal that would best represent the players as individuals and the team as a whole.
We played around with a lot of different ideas, every single player had the opportunity to bring a logo to the table, then we collected them and voted.
The Bull came out on top, and it’s no surprise.
We are a stubborn bunch of people and fiercely protective of our own.
We’re also happy to have voted for an animal that connects us to the land, to agriculture and its history in our region. In the absence of heavy machinery the Bull allowed for progress to be made. A strong back and powerful legs this animal worked by the sweat of its brow to make a significant contribution to society.
As did the Bull, we shall do too.
We practise what we preach - grit, gratitude and sacrifice.
We are tenacious and immovable.
No matter how long, no matter how hard, no matter the challenges.