Young protagonists



Regions: Lazio, Umbria, Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Puglia
Duration: 14th February 2012 – 13th February 2013
Financing: Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Youth
Implemented actions: start up of 14 local laboratories

Type of laboratories: outdoor training (4); sustainable sports tourism (4); sport and environmental protection; sport and territory requalification (2).
Participants in each laboratory: 20-25 young peopleaged 10 to 35 years.
Themes of laboratories: ecosystem; natural heritage; environmental impact; history of the territories, natural and social relationships; environmental protection and economic development


The reasons why an association such as UISP dealing with environment are strongly related to its identity. First, the body represents the first environment in which we have to work (ecology of the body) and the goal should be to make the boundaries as compatible and permeable as possible between "internal" and "external". Second, speaking of sportforall, UISP offers sport as a right of citizenship, and this inevitably leads to face with those who can be called "environmental rights".

The project Young protagonists was proposed as a further innovation, compared to the experiences developed with pilot projects both as recovery intervention of degraded green areas, and as good practices in the natural environment and protected areas, innovation targeted to act as a means of environmental protection; a project for the encouragement and development of environmentally-friendly behaviours, for the promotion and protection of urban decor and natural environments, for the requalification of urban peripheral neighborhoods or degraded green areas and in support of recycling.


Laboratory of Outdoor Training
During the hours of laboratory some activities were carried out in the natural environment (hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canyoning, ...). Sports activities have been the tool to cross the territory, know it and define its critical issues and environmental strengths.
The laboratory was aimed to raise participants awareness of the issues of environmental protection.

Laboratory of Sustainable Sports Tourism
The laboratory has provided a study of the territory under the aspect of the relationship between sport and sustainable tourism. The first phase focused on the analysis of the local context (environmental-social-economic), its potential for tourism, feasible sports activities. The second phase, on the definition of sports tourism proposals. Further objective of the project was to encourage participants to green lifestyles and to develop in local partners involved the culture of sustainable tourism.

Laboratory of Sport and Environmental Protection
The laboratory has provided - through the study of the environmental impact of sports activities on natural environment - the training of participants to the issues of environmental protection.
The goal was to encourage eco-friendly behaviours.

Laboratory of Sport and Territorial Requalification (recovery of degraded areas)
The laboratory focused on the study of urban areas in terms of environmental, social and economic point of view. The goal was to raise awareness of the territorial improvement through sports actions such as: urban trekking, creation of informal sports areas, organization of walking groups, planning of events and sports activities, etc .

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