Activating more children to engage in sports


Duration:  24 months – from September 2022

Location: The project has a European scope and each partner will develop it on his own country.


Applicant/Coordinator: SportaMundi (Belgium)



  • Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Finland)
  • Verde (Poland)
  • Sportcamp (Greece)
  • Stichting Hogeschool Van Arnhem Ennijmegen Han (Netherland)
  • UISP (Italy)
  • Stichting Sports and Technology (Netherland)
  • EPSI (Belgium)


Funding body: European Union Eramsus + Sport program, collaborative Partnership 2021




The aim of this project is to introduce in European countries an innovative method, based on scientific results, to stimulate children aged 8-10 years to play sports.

This innovative method, called SportKompas, will guide children between the ages of 8 and 10 in choosing the sport that best suits their characteristics. Based on what a child likes and through physical exercises, each child can learn which sport suits him/her best. In addition, children's motor skills will be improved with digital Exergames.

The combination of the proven SportKompas for sports orientation in Belgium and the Exergaming platform of the KAMK University in Finland will be a modern solution for physical education teachers in primary schools, to better develop children's motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills, in a fun and personalized way.

The project contributes to the digital transformation in movement education. By focusing on school, we include “every” child respecting diversity, culture and the socio-economic context. Geographic spread, cultural differences and knowledge transfer between countries will lead to a sustainable digital solution for subsequent dissemination to all other EU countries. The aim of this collaborative partnership is to share knowledge and best practices on SportKompas and Exergaming and make them available to other EU countries.



This project will result in an improved and sustainable ability to collaborate together at international level, with local implementation and centralized support. With this project, we want to have a social impact on sports participation, health prevention, well-being and integration at multinational level, specifically:

  • Improve children's movement skills
  • Involving more children in sports based, motivating them and trying to stimulate their skills
  • Reduce dropout in sports clubs
  • Facilitate social integration.


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