TAKING CARE: Suburbs in action

Designing for the Common Good



The Taking Care Initiative - designing for the common good, proposed by the TamAssociati studio - that develops the theme of architecture as a social art and tool at the service of the community and its access to common goods - born to support the Italian suburbs and envisaged the exhibition at the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale of 5 unpublished projects of 5 achievements (mobile devices) assigned to as many national associations committed to combating marginality in peripheral areas of our country: Uisp (Mobile gym / sport device), Emergency (Mobile clinic / health device), Legambiente (Mobile laboratory / device for the environment), Libera (Pole for legality / device for legality), AIB (Mobile library / device for culture). A crowdfunding was launched to build the devices.

To MOVEs is the mobile device developped by Uisp to become a stable garrison for the education to active citizenship in urban suburbs, through sports and movement. It was designed by Nowa studio.  To MOVEs is adaptable to any place, hooking elements that it finds around, on the road, in a park, it transforms them into meeting spaces, places where the game becomes education, civilization, future.

As a transformer To MOVEs it is able to assume different configurations thanks to its adaptability which, in relation to its positions, can take advantage of the specificities of each place.


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