Promotions of children's rights, skills and non- formal education opportunities in Southern Lebanon 


Duration: 36 months: January 2016 – December 2018

Location: Area of Saida, Area if Tyre, Palestinian refugees camp Rashidieh

Beneficiaries:   140 scholars and 70 librarians in the Province of Saida and Tyre; 6.000 pupils of public schools between 11 and 13 years old, 100 kids of refugees camps in Rashidieh and Ain El Helwe; 200 handicapped children; 42 educators and 100 parents participating to “Sharing of Educational Responsibilitiy” activities.

Applicant / Coordinator: CTM (Cooperazione nei Territori del Mondo)


  • Uisp - Unione Italiana Sportpertutti
  • Municipality of Tyre
  • Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation
  • Associazione Les Amis de Marionettes.


Funding body:  Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs  



In Lebanon, primary education is almost universal, but despite this, much work still needs to be done on the quality of education and the services offered. The difference between the educational offer of public schools and private schools exacerbates discrimination between children and different communities for economic reasons.

The project wants to affect the quality of school services, increasing the skills of educators and the tools at their disposal, for the promotion and protection of children. The intervention adopts a strategy based on the role of the child as a development agent and not as a mere holder of rights that needs protection. Minors are involved in non-formal education activities aimed at embracing the right to the environment through the requalification and care of selected areas and the correct use of natural resources.

Therefore the intervention is aimed at public school educators and centers that deal with refugee and disabled minors, so that, by improving educational methods, they can support the child helping him to express himself constructively, formulating his own reflection, idea, artistic production to be shared while guaranteeing its right to education, information and culture. The creation of sports routes and educational farms allow the child to learn the importance that the effects of sports and recreational activities have on health, integration and compliance with the rules, together with the importance of food safety and proper nutrition.


  • General objective: to contribute to the protection and promotion of children's rights in Lebanon through the creation of training, education and professional retraining opportunities
  • Specific objective: to improve the quality of community spaces and non-formal education services for children, including children with disabilities, in the Provinces of Tyre and Saida.



The project has been carried out in partnership with CTM (Cooperation in the World Territories), the Municipality of Tyre, the Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation and the association Les Amis de Marionettes.

Uisp developped a sporting activity proposal, both working directly with the children and through training aimed at UNRWA teachers (United Nation Agency for Palestinian refugees, which runs schools in the refugee camps) and the operators of the Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation.

Together with the partners Uisp has taken care of a professional training program for teachers, educators and librarians of the Provinces of Saida and Tyre on the promotion of inclusion and healthy life styles in education of children.

Furthermore, three places have been developed into playgrounds, sports routes, green spaces, multi-purpose fields, transforming them into places that contrast with the phenomena of marginalization. The three spaces are in Saida, Tyre and the Palestinian camp of Rashidieh.


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