1° edition/Sport Point 1.0: 12 months: 01 November 2021 - 31 October 2022

2° edition/Sport Point 2.0: 20 months: 01 November 2022 - 31 July 2024


Location: The project has national scope

Applicant / Coordinator: The project is carried out by UISP Aps


1° edition: Centro Sportivo Italiano APS (CSI), Us Acli APS, PGS, CSain

2° edition: Centro Sportivo Italiano APS (CSI), Us Acli APS, PGS


Financing body: Sport e Salute S.p.A.  



SPORT POINT project intends to respond to the growing and diversified needs of the sports world, by aggregating, at a central level, a series of services accessible to the entire sports sector and capable of promoting sport opportunities, raising awareness and accompanying interested citizens.

The synergy between Uisp, Csi, Us Acli and Pgs and their professional firms, tax assistance centers, associative experts, allows structuring a path of legal and fiscal support to ensure accessible, clear and effective advice in reference to all those issues in which formal, fiscal and bureaucratic obligations are intertwined with the world of sport (e.g. establishment of an association, access to RUNTS, sports work, dual nature ASD-APS, etc.).

The project also envisages to acrivate training sessions and virtual desks within which information, updating, training and consultancy activities are guaranteed.



  • Establish and extend throughout the national territory support and guidance services addressed to all those who work whitin the sports world;
  • Spread a new collective awareness on the opportunities offered by sport.



The project provides services in the legal, fiscal, labor laws, professional and dissemination fields through the launching across the national territory of specific branches, called SPORT POINTS, made possible by the the implementation of the existing and recognized network between CAF and Patronato Acli, integrated with UISP Aps points of consultancy as well as the CSI and PGS branches already operational. Furthermore, the project foresees to make use of the strategic support of Sport e Salute spa.

A transversal technical work table is also set up, made up of internal and external experts to the promoters EPS, aimed at:

  • deepen the study of contingent measures and ongoing reforms of the sports system and of the third sector, as well as of the implementing decrees and consequent repercussions in terms of obligations and opportunities regarding grassroots associations and sports workers;
  • strengthen and capillarize services targeted and calibrated on the specific needs of grassroots associations and sports operators.


Contacts/Regional advisory points:



Ufficio progetti - Sede Uisp Nazionale
L.go Nino Franchellucci, 73 00155 Roma
Tel.: +39.06.43984350 - 345 - 346
Fax: 06.43984320