Duration: 24 months: January 2016 – December 2017

Location: The project has an international scope and takes place in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austra

Applicant / Coordinator:  Rog Cylcling Club (association active in the field of sport and ciclo-tourism) - Slovenia


  • UISP Nazionale (coordinator for Italy)
  • UISP Regional Commeette Friuli Venezia Giulia (impelmentation of activities in Italy)
  • Savez sportova Istarske županije (Istrian Sports Union): the biggest movement of active citizens and with the goal of promoting physical activities
  • Slovak Ciclists Federation: national association of ciclysts
  • Sport Unione Carintia (Austria): Austrian association with the goal of promoting movements and health

Associated Partner: 
Slovenian Antidoping organisation; Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth; Spirt Slovenia; Cycling Association Slovenia; Istria Tourist Board; Istrian Tourism Development Agency; BTC d.d. Ljubljana; Slovene Philanthropy; Città di Ljubljana; Idrija Municipal Mu


Funding body: UE Erasmus + Sport Collaborative Partnership 2015



My sport is Franja project`s aim is to develop, share and promote good practices in sports, for the first time encompassing volunteers, youth and cultural heritage sites. The goal will be achieved through a development of a comprehensive Franja Academy (2016) for volunteers which will transfer their knowledge on country specific Franja on wheels cycling events to youth and bring it back to be further developed on Franja Academy II (2017).

Franja on wheels cycling routes will follow European Cultural Heritage Label to incorporate the educational moment since the platform for the project, the Franja Marathon was named after the European Cultural Heritage Labeled Franja Partisan Hospital. The motivation behind the project is to promote cycling not only as sport but to promote bicycle also as a mobility tool, focusing on youth for developing their health and environment friendly lifestyle.

Sustainability of the project will be built throughout the entire project lifetime to ensure the life of the two main project outcomes Franja Academy Programme and Franja on wheels Prototype as a commercial model for other EU countries.

Three main target groups (volunteers, youth and general public) are specifically identified and will be targeted throughout the entire project to reach 5,000 people within the project lifetime. Participants on all events and general public will have a possibility to follow the activities at open stages, on line, on mobile and communicate with the other participants via social platform. It will increase project visibility and build the network for the sustainability of the project.


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