NEXT: Neighborhood Sport

Get healthy, get closer



Duration: 24 months: 1st January 2020 – 31st Decembre 2021

Location: The project has a European scope and takes place in Italy, Denmark, Croatia, Romania, Spain, Germany.

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp – Italian Sport for all association


  • ISCA (International Sport And Culture Association), Denmark
  • SSIZ (Sportska Zajednica Istarske Zupanije), Croatia
  • AJSPT (Asociatia Judeteana Sportul Pentru Toti Suceava), Romania
  • UNICLAM (Universita degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale), Italy
  • DTB (Deutscher Turnerb Bund), Germany


Funding body: UE Erasmus + Sport Collaborative Partnership 2018



Main goal of NEXT Sport project is to tackle unhealthy habits among sedentary people. The project is grounded on the idea of bringing movement to the places where sedentary people find themselves, rather than promoting activities in places where sedentary people should go. Places chosen to involve sedentary in physical activities are the common areas of condominiums and the surrounding public gardens, streets and squares, namely the neighborhoods.

This aim will be pursued by linking key actors through the sport and condominiums/neighborhoods' systems and providing useful tools and learning opportunities to grassroots sport organizations in view of the provision of "NEXT Sport" modules to the target groups: children, the working population and the elderly residing in the neighborhoods.



Encourage physical activity and fight sedentariness through the offer of "home-based" sports practice, in condominiums and public spaces in the neighborhoods.



To reach this goal the project foresees to:

  • establish and run a broad thematic network
  • share best practices of neighbourhood sport
  • build in the participating organizations the knowledge basis for the set-up of the proposed approach
  • build capacities to engage sedentary people in PA in common or public spaces
  • test and validate a transferable methodology via pilot events
  • develop NEXT Sport guidelines
  • disseminate project results and advocate the issue to policy makers

Means to reach those specific objectives will be the development of:

  • An on-line environment to network, share materials, provide e-learning (IO1)
  • A Network of key actors (IO2: Network Action Plan )
  • A Toolkit for the sharing of good practices and the acquisition of the knowledge basis (IO3)
  • A Capacity Building Programme (IO4)
  • A series of pilot events to test and refine the starting methodology to make it transferable in every context (IO5.1)
  • An Handbook to implement the methodology (IO5.2)
  • A set of policy recommendations (IO6)



Main results of the project will be the design and the endorsement of the "NEXT Sport" systemic approach to activate individuals in practicing sport and physical activities in common and public spaces.




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