Activities in prisons: open doors

Uisp experience widespread within Italian prisons dates back more than thirty years ago, when it began, in various cities, numerous courses and sports activities for prisoners, with the entrance inside the prisons of coaches and sports educators of Uisp local committees. In the same period the first sports events got under way with the participation of prisoners, inside police staff and outside athletes.

Apart from offering sports activities within the prisons as recreational and educational tool, as a form of socialization and psychological well-being and relationships, the goal has always been to allow communication between the reality of the prison within the outside world, in favour of relations with the citizens, bringing the right to sport in a harsh environment such as that of detention.

Many of the actions are developed independently by Uisp local committees, others are included in national projects (such as the project Third Half, in juvenile detention institutes), others are local initiatives as part of a widespread national planning (such as Vivicittà Open Doors), so that all actions can meet local needs and at the same time to compose a coherent system and a framework of national planning.