A new partecipated association's identity

guida bilancio sociale


Duration: 12 months: September 2011- September 2012

Location: the project has national scope. The planned initiatives have been divided into 2 phases: a national one with training addressed to the Presidents of the Uisp Regional and Local Committees and to the national managers, and an interregional phase (divided into three geographical macro areas, North, Center, South) addressed to managers.

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp


Funding body: Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies under the law 383/2000 - D/2010



The project aims to train and qualify local and national UISP leaders, managers and members of the board on the elaboration of “UISP Sustainability Report” both at national and local level. More in details, the project originates from the need of the association to think over the changing incurred in recent years in the social promotion field, in order to replace UISP in the changed national context, and to provide managers with appropriate tools for the promotion of UISP social responsibility.



  • Reflection on Uisp role in the new context of social promotion in Italy;
  • Provide a strategic view on the opportunities offered by the Soustainability Report, examining features, implementation methods and achievable results;
  • Networking with stakeholders;
  • Increase knowledge related to social responsibility, social reporting and the drafting of the soustainability reports to improve the communication of the socially responsible behavior of the association towards members and external stakeholders;
  • Human Resources Development;
  • Definition of social reporting procedures



Training initiative addressed to the Presidents of the regional and territorial Committees and to the National Executives.

The first session of national teaching  treated: analysis of the role of the social promotion and the principle of subsidiarity, elaboration and evaluation of political strategies, loyalty of members, analysis of case histories.

The regional phase treated the drafting of the soustainability report and its operational repercussions, institutional and fiscal discipline of the social promotion sector.

A distance training module was also provided, with the final drafting of a methodological guide for the transferability and dissemination of the experience.


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