Doc & Outputs Sentry Sport

Documents and outputs produced within Sentry Sport project

Sentry Capacity Building Programme

In this Capacity building programme, you can find information about SENTRY methodology and transversal competencies in terms of: how to network, how to deal with a victim of discrimination, the role of sport in social inclusion, and the knowledge of fundamental rights.

15 dicembre 2023

Sentry Lessons learned

The SENTRY project has developed a toolkit aimed to help relevant stakeholders to start a project for monitoring acts of discrimination in sports. The objective of the collection of Lessons learned is to learn from the experiences of SENTRIES when implementing a monitoring project.

15 dicembre 2023

Sentry Policy recommendations

ENGLISH, FRENCH and ITALIAN version. Document providing recommendations for ensuring equal opportunities in sport by tackling discrimination and concrete actions for grassroots sport organisations, local, regional and national authorities, and to the EU institutions.

15 dicembre 2023

Toolkit Sentry

Guida con informazioni sulla metodologia, consigli utili per conoscere il fenomeno, creare una rete, capire il target e realizzare un'azione di monitoraggio e prevenzione.

5 luglio 2022

Good practices Sentry

Sentry Sport has collected 12 examples of good practices in all Europe to present actions, projects and event organised in the different field of sport against discriminations. It is a usable webpage where you can make research for target group, types of discrimination and country.

5 luglio 2022

Sentry Sport Manifesto

The Manifesto represents the goals of the project Sentry Sport and the explanation of the vision behind the Sentry methodology. 

20 aprile 2022