as an opportunity for a new welfare

Duration: 12 months: 25th July 2012 – 24th July 2013 

Location: The project has a national scope and takes place in all Italian Regions. The planned initiatives have been divided into 2 phases: a national one with training for national councilors and managers, and an interregional phase (in three macro areas, north, center, south) addressed to managers and middle managers and focused on operational project management aspects.

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp


Funding body: Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies under the law 383/2000 - D/2011



The idea behind the project is that the active management of risk as is opportunity for Social Promotion Associations. Based on this premise, it was launched a training course (2012/2013), addressed to Uisp managers and mid managers, aimed at transmitting technical and operational skills for the management of social enterprises in a new welfare model. For  Uisp to train is managers represented an opportunity, in a global crisis phase, in order to anticipate change by innovating vision, strategies of interaction with policies, programming, and business models.



Develop in Uisp managers a broader ability to read political and socio-economic scenarios and greater competences in the analysis of the impacts of Uisp activities, through the adoption of a new management model adapted to the different levels of skills and motivations that would make them agents of transformation in their own organizational contexts.



The progect envisaged the realization of a training course addressed to managers and mid managers, structured in two paths. The first addressed to managers was focused on meta-organizational aspects (analysis of policies and programming); the second was addressed to mid managers and focused on the project management.

At the end of the training a methodological guide was produced for the dissemination of skills and the sharing of a work tool on risk management.


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