Young people and citizens become active as Agents 0011 to build inclusive and sustainable cities, open to dialogue with the global community


Duration: 18 months: April 2017 - September 2019

Location:  The project has national scope and takes place in 8 Italian cities (Bergamo, Bologna, Catania, Lecce, Milan, Naples, Rome, Salerno) and on the online portal

Applicant / Coordinator:  Cesvi

Partners: Actionaid, Amref, Assaman; ASVIS; CittadinanzAttiva; Municipalities of Naples, Bergamo; Bologna, Catania, Lecce, District Milan 3, District Rome 1, UISP, VIS.


Funding body: AICS Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione e allo Sviluppo (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) / ECG 2017



Italian school students are active in the territory for more sustainable and inclusive cities and for a more responsible Italy towards the 2030 Agenda.The aim of the project is to promote educational pathways on the concept of open and inclusive communities in formal and informal national education contexts, aimed at young people in primary and secondary schools and their territorial communities in eight cities of six Italian regions. The project, realized with the contribution of AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) will use an online educational portal, territorial networks of involved NGOs, the MIUR guidelines and the events organized by partners with a view to sustainability, for generate a change in mentality and behavior in the target groups, starting with the youth, which will be stimulated to critical understanding and dialogue, but without excluding other key players such as teachers, local authority staff and, more generally, the inhabitants of target cities, which will be involved in discussion and co-planning paths on sustainable development issues for the construction of more open and inclusive communities. There are three strongly interconnected axes, on which we will work: the first, at national level, focuses on the educational dimension, proposing educational courses starting from the online portal, the second is aimed at the territories of eight Italian cities, promoting dialogue between young people, citizens and local authorities; the third will carry out an awareness raising campaign at national and local level on the importance of sustainable, open and inclusive societies. Informal education will be present in a transversal way in all three project axes, to improve interaction between the different target groups, involving young people also outside the school context.



General objective

To contribute to the critical understanding of global phenomena, and in particular of the issues of social inclusion and diversity, through dialogue between schools, citizens and territorial realities

Specific objective

To promote inclusive education paths on the concept of open and inclusive communities in formal and informal national education contexts, aimed at young people and their territorial communities in 8 cities in 6 Italian regions



  • 1.1 Thematic update and expansion of the portal
  • 1.2 Realization of paths and missions for youth associations and schools of all levels
  • 1.3. Activation of schools in the area for the creation of volunteer days in local associations
  • 1.4 Final competition with twinning between school and informal body
  • 2.1 Territorial routes modeled on community laboratories in 8 cities
  • 2.2 Formation of Territorial Entities members on inclusive and sustainable communities in relation to the global reality and on methods of citizenship participation and co-planning
  • 2.3 Art-education campus for informal education institutions on the subject of inclusion
  • 3.1 Launch event at the Sustainable Development Festival
  • 3.2 Event of final exchange between schools and youth associations on the occasion of the Mondali Antirazzisti
  • 3.3. Communication actions and visibility online and offline on local and national territory

Expected results

  1. 250 Italian classes and 130 youth associations actively participate in educational and exchange courses with Italian and Southern World organizations through the online “Agente 0011” platform
  2. 1408 students, 160 young people and 2000 citizens involved in formal and informal education courses and activation on the theme of inclusive cities with neighborhoods / territories and their institutions
  3. Public opinion and national / local media informed and actively involved in the themes of the project through awareness-raising initiatives promoted by young people


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