LET'S MOVE #Irestartfromsport



Duration: 12 months: 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2021

Location: The project has national significance and involves all the Uisp territorial committees

Applicant / Coordinator: The project is carried out by UISP APS, Centro Sportivo Italiano APS, Us Acli APS, PGS, CSain Financing body: Sport e Salute S.p.A.



The project, addressed to the most vulnerable categories of our country (children, women, disabled, migrants and the elderly) made even more fragile by the COVID 19 pandemic, provides for the provision by UISP, CSI, US ACLI, PGS and CSAIN of physical activiy programs and sport initiatives to support and enhance grassroots sports associations.

with a triple functionality:
1. give an active boost to the social and sporting re-start of the country by consolidating the role and social responsibility of grassroots sports associations in the development policies of the territory and of the reference community;
2. promote healthy and active lifestyles and daily well-being and remove all barriers to the participation of inactive people;
3. to contribute to counteracting a sedentary lifestyle.

Activities, taking into account the target target, range from play proposals for children to gymnastics and gentle activities for the elderly, from inclusive sport activities for the disabled to individual and unstructured sports for young people, from activities to support integration to training for technicians and managers.


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