Uisp is an association of sport and social promotion that through sport develops policies, projects, initiatives and campaigns in support of migrants. In addition to the more traditional activities of promoting interculturality through sport with the commitment of resources for the organization of tournaments and championships between citizens of different ethnic and cultural roots, Uisp promotes initiatives that guarantee and safeguard access to sport as a right for all and develops projects of care and support for people living conditions of marginalization, poverty and hardship.

Events such as Mondiali Antirazzisti, many sports tournaments against discrimination carried out by Uisp local committees, the campaigns promoted in recent years or those shared with other NGOs are a demonstration of affirming forcefully that people should have the same rights to work, to culture, to move the world, but also to do sport.

Sport is an universal language, because it speaks through gestures, body facial expressions. In a field we can meet and play a game with people from different cultures, different languages, while managing to communicate. The social role of sport was also recognized in the EU White Paper on Sport, which highlighted how sport can play a key role in non-formal education, volunteering, in the fight against all forms of discrimination and combating drugs. In a particular way, it has been recognized the importance of sport that can "facilitate the integration into society of migrants and persons of foreign origin, and support intercultural dialogue".

Uisp sports vision is sport for all and sport to welcome people. That’s why  the association also acts paying great attention to the development of sports from the traditions of migrants, trying to promote them in the territories, providing coordination, offering tournaments and moments of public activities and enhancing the extraordinary human and cultural resource such as that of immigrants. In our cities we appeared cricket, capoeira and other sports, which are of interest in order to respond appropriately to these needs of sport.

Uisp works in networks of social protection and promotion of rights, analysis of immigration policies, both in Italy and in international contexts, through participation and promotion of European projects and international cooperation with its NGO Peace Games. Uisp is present and protagonist in associative networks and non-governmental organizations that study and deepen the phenomenon of migration: the international network FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe), as well as the network 501 of Genoa, the Third Sector Forum and National Mandela Forum in Florence. It has always been present on all occasions as the World and European Social Forum, also because sport is willing and able to intervene in the construction of another possible world.

Also in children activities, in the projects proposed to schools, in summer camps and sports clubs, Uisp always includes issues related to interculturality, such as the national campaign "Let's move!" about active lifestyles for children and families, where the theme of multiculturalism becomes an instrument of knowledge and integration.