Duration: 12 months: 1st September 2021 - 31st August 2022


The project has national scope and takes place in 32 locations between Municipalities and Metropolitan Areas distributed in 17 Italian Region:

  • BASILICATA: Matera
  • CALABRIA: Castrovillari (CS)
  • CAMPANIA: Avellino, Caserta, Naples, Salerno, Pozzuoli (NA)
  • EMILIA ROMAGNA: Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Ferrara
  • LAZIO: Rome
  • LIGURIA: Genoa, La spezia and Val di Magra
  • MARCHE: Ascoli Piceno
  • PIEDMONT: Bra-Cuneo, Biella, Turin
  • APULIA: Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia and Manfredonia (FG)
  • SARDINIA: Cagliari
  • SICILY: Catania
  • TUSCANY: Florence, Grosseto
  • UMBRIA: Perugia, Orvieto (TR)
  • VALLE D'AOSTA: Aosta
  • VENETO: Padua, Verona


Applicant / Coordinator: UISP APS


National Level:

Lloyds Group

Territorial Level:

  • 32 between Territorial and Regional Committees UISP APS
  • 32 Provincial Federfarma ASL / AUSL
  • Pharmacists
  • Sports Clubs


Funding body: Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Sport / EPS 2020 call




"Movement Pills" is a project conceived as part of the proposals aimed at spreading the culture of movement addressed to citizens, with a view of promoting health and primary prevention. The design hypothesis is therefore aimed at developping a national campaign to raise awareness and promote physical activity as a natural medicine capable of preventing and / or lowering the incidence of developing pathologies closely related to a sedentary lifestyle.

The project provides for the distribution, in each Municipality involved (32 between Municipalities and Metropolitan Areas) spread over the whole national territory, of 480.000 boxes of "MOVEMENT PILLS" containing a leaflet on the benefits of physical activity and directions for attending a free month of physical activity in the gym and swimming pool.



  1. Promotion, monthly and for free, of physical activity related to the movements "walking / running, swimming, pedaling, dancing";
  2. Counteract the risks deriving from inactivity;
  3. Promote the idea of ​​sporting activity as a powerful tool for social inclusion, thanks to which to promote the removal of socio-economic, psychological and physical ability barriers;
  4. Consolidate networks on the territory between municipal administrations, local health authorities, social services, Uisp, affiliated sports associations.



With the aim of promoting physical activity as a natural medicine capable of preventing and / or lowering the incidence of developing pathologies strictly connected to a sedentary lifestyle, UISP has created a box that recalls those from drugs, but has replaced the tablets with a free month of physical activity. As well as a drug the "movement pills" are delivered by the pharmacist. Movement Pills has been implemented for 10 years in the territory of Bologna and the Province, and with this project we want to extend the experimentation throughout the national territory, by anticipating the distribution of the "MOVEMENT PILLS" boxes in 32 Municipalities and Areas. The box contains a leaflet containing a message, drawn up with the contribution of the Ministry of Health, on the benefits of physical activity and directions for attending a month of physical activity in the gym and swimming pool for free. The leaflet shows the list of sports clubs that adhere to the project, the contact details to contact to find out the days and times in which the activities take place and the list of activities (cardio fitness, sweet gymnastics, dances, water activities, etc.) that the Companies make available. Finally, in the leaflet, there are links and codes to access interactive online lessons of other physical activities, in cases where citizens do not find offers of interest to them in the area, or are unable to move (including for reasons of quarantine or of anti-Covid regulations). Finally, a WebApp reproduces the contents present in the Movement Boxes, both those of an informative nature and the online courses of physical activity, simplifying the search for the closest activity, thanks to filters.



At the end of the project and on the basis of the data obtained from the pilot project, the following results are expected:

  • 1.200.000 people received information about the “Movement Pills” project and the damage to health deriving from a sedentary lifestyle (sending info on the project and Booklet with final evaluation). (100% of the target group)
  • 480.000 people were informed and made aware of the damage to health deriving from a sedentary lifestyle through the distribution of boxes of "Movement Pills" and requests for information. (40%)
  • 48.000 people attended a one-month course of free physical activity (in person and / or online) (10%)
  • 4.800 sedentary people who took advantage of the trial month resumed physical activity (10% of the free tickets used)
  • At least 327 collaborations (partnership agreements and / or memoranda of understanding) activated on the territory with institutional and sector subjects (32 between UISP Regional and Territorial Committees, at least 30 AUSL, at least 30 Provincial Pharmacist Orders, at least 300 Pharmacies)
  • At least 168 Collaborations with ASD, sports structures and other stakeholders initiated on the national territory (each Committee will be able to involve at least 7 subjects).


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