Empower Diverse Youth - Buildup Youth Participation and Inclusion in Sport Organizations

Duration: 30 months – 1 January 2024 – 30 June 2026

Location: The project has a European scope and will take place in Italy, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Portugal

Applicant/Coordinator: Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation – VIDC (Austria)


  • UISP APS (Italy)
  • Igrajmo Zajedno Inicijativa NGO - IZI (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Liikkukaa (Finland)
  • Camino, Institute for research and evaluation (Germany)
  • Footbal Association of Ireland - FAI (Ireland)
  • Huis voor Beweging NGO – HvB (Holland)
  • Players Trade Union – SJPF (Portugal)

All partners are part of the European SPIN network


Funding body: UE Eramsus + Sport Collaborative Partnership 2023



Despite the positive effects of sport, some groups are underrepresented in sport. The SPIN Youth project aims to increase the participation in sport of young people from diverse backgrounds, in particular young refugee and migrant youth, both active and non-active, and contributes to the creation of inclusive and non-discrimination sporting environments that proactively welcome diversity and equality.



  • Identify and address barriers and factors that encourage participation in sport by young people from diverse backgrounds, both as athletes and leaders.
  • Facilitate the production of knowledge by young people and empower, support and promote the involvement of young people in the planning, implementation and decision-making processes in sports.
  • Raise awareness, network and increase the capacity of sports organizations to engage and connect with young people from diverse backgrounds and create inclusive sports environments.



Empowerment and capacity building of young people from diverse backgrounds

  • European Youth Training Academy (two youth leaders from each project country are invited to a training in Rome. Participants are guided on how to conduct action research and coordinate a youth panel).
  • Follow-up online meetings

Participation, barriers and needs of diverse youth in sport: Youth panels and youth-led action research

  • Creation of youth groups (youth leaders from each country motivate a diverse group of 5-7 young people to form a mixed-gender youth group, which develops and implements ideas to improve the accessibility of sport for young people from diverse backgrounds ).
  • Implementation of action research (under the guidance of youth leaders, young people design and conduct research to improve inclusion of young people from diverse backgrounds in sport. Results are presented to sport organisations)
  • Report document: Analysis of action research results

Co-creation of sports inclusion activities by young people

  • Development and design of youth-led action plans (each youth group selects topics from action research to develop action plans, present them to key sport stakeholders, obtain feedback and further develop actions).
  • Piloting: Implementation of activities and events during EWOS 2025

Awareness and dissemination

  • Young footballers as role models for inclusion (young people look up to role models. Build a network of young footballers with diverse backgrounds to promote non-discrimination and gender equality).
  • Digital toolbox for youth engagement in sport (a digital toolbox will be implemented as a project-specific section on the SPIN website. A key element is the “Youth Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool”, which offers sports organizations an easy way to check your progress).
  • European networking conference "Sport Inclusion and Empowerment of Young People with Diverse Backgrounds" in Lisbon



  • European training academy for youth sports managers
  • 8 youth panels in 8 partner countries (AUT, BIH, IRE, FIN, GER, ITA, NED, POR)
  • 8 youth-led action research and youth-led action plans promoting inclusion and diversity
  • 8 youth-led actions (e.g. sports events)
  • Self-assessment of youth inclusion for sports clubs
  • Digital toolbox for youth involvement in sport




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