Training for new operators


Duration: 12 months: 13 August 2010 - 12 August 2011   

Location: The project has a national scope. Initiatives (5 training modules) have taken place in 2 macro areas: Center/North and Center/South.

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp


Funding body: Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies under the law 383/2000 - D/2009



This project aims at assessing good practices of Sport for all, that promote youth participation and aggregation, through training (both theoretical and practical) of UISP operators, in order to improve their skills on latest generation youth sports (like street theatre, parkour, capoeira, juggling). The main topics are: street-working, street animation, multicultural approach.



  • Equip UISP operators with the appropriate and necessary skills to intercept those young people who leave the world of sport "structured" in search of different realities.
  • Refer to sport for all as a tool for social intervention, integrating its characteristics with aspects of “street  working”, “street education”, “adventure pedagogy”.
  • Carry out a mapping and a consequent "systemization" of all the territorial realities, and relative experiences and competences, operationg in these realities, within the Association or in collaboration with it.
  • Strengthen the innovation process of UISP organizational culture as a Learning Organization.
  • Promote a national training model able to strengthen the systemic characteristics of the Association in terms of identity and values and the consequent operational choices.



Five training modules (replicated in two macro areas) which involved around 120  students, geographically distributed  according to the two areas of territorial belonging proposed by the project: the Central-Northern area, based in Parma and, area Center-South based in Pozzuoli (NA).

The training, for a total duration of 200 hours, included classroom lectures focused on the theoretical component and practical moments, centered on focus groups, role playing, case histories, practical guided experiences that allowed the development of the experimental component, favoring learning through examples of psycho-sociological dynamics.

At the end of the project, a CD was created containing all the materials and aimed at spreading the design experience.


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