Refugee Women Inclusion through individual and team Sports



Duration:  29 months – August 2022 – 31th December 2024

Location: The project has a European scope and take place in Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Netherlands

Applicant/Co-ordinator: FARE Network-Football Against Racism in Europe (The Netherlands)


  • UISP APS (Italy)
  • Ramasa (Spain)
  • Organization Earth (Greece)
  • Girl Power (Denimark)


Funding body: EU Erasmus+ Programme - Sport Collaborative Partnership 2022



The Rewins 2.0 project, is the continuation of Rewins 1.0, aims to promote the inclusion of refugee women in sports and training of coaches, by creating mixed women's teams of refugee and local and developing training structures.

In the context of using sport as a tool for refugee integration REWINS 2.0 addresses the following issues:

(a) the need to create adaptable training structures for the inclusion of refugee women indifferent team and individual sports (football, dancing, volleyball, swimming, athletics etc.);

(b) the need to offer an online customed mentorship programme for coaches/ trainers working with refugees



  • Identify good practices and develop training structures that facilitate the inclusion of refugee women in different sports
  • Create mix teams of refugees and locals fostering the unique position of sport of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds uniting them for a common goal
  • Support knowledge exchange and mentoring for coaches working with refugees



  1. Research on the needs of refugee women in individual and team sports
  2. Creating a Pilot online mentoring for coaches interested in working with refugees
  3. Creating mix teams of refugee women and locals
  4. Implementing monthly Training Sessions for individual and the created sport teams



  • research study and good practices,
  • reviewed Training Course for coaches,
  • Blueprint on mentoring coaches, and mix teams of refugees and locals are disseminated online and offline, and presented during the final conference.




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