Offshore for all abilities


Duration:  12 months – 03rd September 2019 – 02nd September 2020 (due to Covid-19 the closing date has been extended and the project ended in July 2021) 

Location: The project has a National scope and takes place in 6 Italian Regions, involving as many cities cities:

  1. LOMBARDIA: Brescia (Lago d’Iseo)
  2. VENETO: Venezia
  3. LAZIO: Civitavecchia (RM)
  4. MARCHE: Pesaro/Urbino
  5. CAMPANIA: Salerno
  6. PUGLIA: Lecce

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp

Partners: Uisp Local Committees of the cities involved


Funding body:   Vodafone Foundation, call OSO – Ogni Sport Oltre (Any Sport beyond)


Uisp has re-proposed, under the Vodafone Foundation call "OSO 2018/19", the implementation of the project "Captain Hook: offshore for all abilities" already successfully implemented in 8 Italian cities in 2012.

The project idea envisages the integration of boys and girls disabled and non-disabled in experimental co-planning laboratories for the construction and use of sailboats, designed to be used by people with or without disabilities. Through sailing, in fact, it is possible to enhance the resources of all, based on the potential of each one. Difficulties and obstacles of boat life are the same both for able and disabled people, and become opportunities for dialogue and communication, for mutual understanding and collaboration, encouraging the consolidation of the sense of sharing.

Sport is a valid and powerful tool for integration and inclusion, and sailing in particular is intended here as an experience without barriers that can be shared by disabled and non-disabled people, fit for the purpose of welcoming diversity, enhancing it, and transforming it into an opportunity for a personal growth.

The project context is inspired by a metaphor, the pirates and Filibuster rules (XVI-XVII century). On the filibuster ships there was an ethical agreement that prevented internal conflicts and required a mutual collaboration. The responsibilities were shared (participatory democracy), women and men enjoyed equal rights (equal opportunity), all ethnic groups and social classes were represented (multiculturalism) and the disabled pirates (typically represented with wooden legs, eyepatches and hooks), had roles and collocations useful on board (different abilities).

On this model, the project envisages that the disabled and non-disabled boys and girls animating the experimental laboratories for the construction of the sailboats, represent the crew, while the use of the boats represent the navigation.

The launch of the boats, foreseen at the end of the project through a huge national event, represents the docking of the navigation of each crew.



  • Encourage the integration of disabled and non-disabled boys and girls
  • Experiment with forms of participatory democracy using the filibuster metaphor
  • To promote, by doing, the enhancement of everyone's resources and the surfacing of different abilities
  • Promote spaces for collaboration between territorial subjects, such as schools, social cooperatives, associations of disabled people, local health authorities, local authorities, engaged in social policies and actions for adolescents, young people and the disabled
  • Raise public awareness to encourage the social inclusion of disabled teenagers and develop tools to protect adolescents



Each group/laboratory develops an experience based on the coexistence of moment providing with spaces for practical experimentation (phase of co-planning and construction of the boats) , whose effectiveness is facilitated by the action of a local coordinator and the skills provided by operators and experts.

A national direction coordinates local experiments, guaranteeing the supervision and monitoring of the work carried out in each territory and a constant flow of information between the different territorial levels involved, thus favoring a system logic.

At the end of the project are foreseen 6 different launch at local level, a collective launch of all the boats at National level, and the realization of a video tracing the main stages of this adventure.

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