The reasons why an association such as UISP deals with environment are strongly related to its identity. First of all, the body is the first environment in which we have to deal with (ecology of body) and the goal must be to make it as compatible and permeable as possible the boundaries between "internal" and "external". UISP, speaking of sport for all, offers sport as a right of citizenship, and this leads inevitably to deal with those who can be called "environmental rights".

In recent years, UISP has implemented several initiatives with the aim of combining sport and the environment, in the logic of turn them into cultural, social and economic opportunities; experiences based on the willing to offer, not only sports events oriented to sustainable development, but a design culture geared to this logic, which has as its cornerstones the environmental education,  the sustainable tourism, the preservation of the environment. In this context, the protocols signed with some parks draw a clear programmatic direction.


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