Offshore for all abilities



Duration:  12 months: 14th August 2012 – 13th August 2013

Location: The project has a National scope and took place in 7 Italian cities: Civitavecchia (RM), Como, Ferrara, Gaeta (LT), Noto (SR), Salerno, Tricase (LE)


Funding body:  Ministry of Labour and Social Policies under the law 383/2000 - F/2011


Sport for all has always been a mean of aggregation and social integration. Especially sailing, intended both as a purely sporting activity and as a teaching and training activity, provides an ideal opportunity for integration between able and disabled young people, through the constitution of mixed crews, and for the proper development of the personality.

Through sailing, in fact, it is possible to enhance the resources of all, based on the potential of each one. Difficulties and obstacles of boat life are the same both for able and disabled people, and become opportunities for dialogue and communication, for mutual understanding and collaboration, encouraging the consolidation of the sense of sharing.

The project context was inspired by a metaphor, the pirates and Filibuster rules (XVI-XVII century). On the filibuster ships there was an ethical agreement that prevented internal conflicts and required a mutual collaboration. The responsibilities were shared (participatory democracy), women and men enjoyed equal rights (equal opportunity), all ethnic groups and social classes were represented (multiculturalism) and the disabled pirates (typically represented with wooden legs, eyepatches and hooks), had roles and collocations useful on board (different abilities).

On this basis, the project envisaged the integration of young people (boys and girls) with or without disabilities (the crew) as part of 7 experimental laboratories - Civitavecchia, Como, Ferrara, Lecce, Livorno, Noto, Gaeta and Salerno - for the design, construction and use of sailboats.

At the end of the project it has been organized in Santa Marinella (RM) a National event for the launch of all sailboats built by the participants, attended by 200 young people.

The experience is collected in a beautiful photo book.


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