Tales of integration from the deep football


Duration: 9 months: September 2014 – June 2015

Location: The project has a national scope and involves the 15 italian cities hosting Serie A clubs in season 2014-2015: Bergamo, Cagliari, Cesena, Empoli, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Palermo, Parma, Sassuolo, Roma, Torino, Udine, Verona.


Funding body: Lega Calcio Serie A



The Italian society is every year more changing its appearance, welcoming people from different cultures and who bring their richness both in terms of culture and traditions. These changes have also led Italy to have a strong presence of the second generation, children born and raised in Italy , but with a background of foreign origin, which is increasingly becoming more diverse the face of schools of all levels. These changes bring with them often, however, the phenomenon of closing and intolerance that result in episodes of racism sometimes very violent. It is the rejection of diversity, the lack of a capacity of dialogue and knowledge of the other, leading to phenomena of prejudice and exclusion .

Sport has always been considered a faithful mirror of society, showing (sometimes even in advance) the changes occurring within the social and urban spaces, often amplifying certain phenomena. The stands of the football stadium function as a sounding board of behaviours resulting from the imperfect cohabitation in our cities. In recent years there have been a large number of serious incidents of racism in football, and the fines imposed to the teams for the racist abuse at the hands of the fans are certainly an instrument of deterrence, but not resolving the problem, that is upstream, and has cultural connotations.

Moreover, as the number of foreign sport users  increased, there is the need to promote a sport and a sporting culture intercultural, taking into account the differences in customs, language, religion and belief, to prevent and combat the spread racist and xenophobic attitudes and behaviours.

The project , which envisagin the contribute of the Serie A (League A) football clubs, foresees the direct involvement of young people in secondary schools, teams and juvenile football schools, through the implementation of training programs , which will use the Tales of Football and integration as the main theme for implementation of training and awareness-raising .

The football clubs of Serie A collaborated to the project implementation through the commitment of its TESTIMONIAL.

Additionally, archival researches, interviews with key players, and the creation of multimedia documents are foreseen: these tools have been used for the recovery of memory and storytelling. In particular, it has been identified and developed a history of football and integration for each territory participating in the project, the 15 Italian cities that host Serie A teams.

With the intent of bringing the attention of the general public on the issue of integration in the world of football and promote the value of antiracism, the project foresees promotion and dissemination in mass media of  audiovisual material produced.



The project aims to re-build the value of integration through recovering of memory and storytelling about very significant experiences of integration in the world of football

Specific aims of the project are:

  • To sensitize school children on issues of racism and integration
  • Work with teams to make young people of clubs aware on issues of racism and integration



The project involves the production of audiovisual material for the dissemination of Stories of Football and integration, and the conducting of interactive training and workshops about football, intercultural and antiracism, aimed to raise awareness of young people and reduce the anti-racism ' incidence of racism and xenophobic attitudes in football.

  • Meetings to present and launch the project in each city
  • Meetings with football clubs and testimonial
  • Creation of archival researches, interviews with key players, and the production of audiovisual material on some stories of integration and Football
  • Development of training and awareness-raising pupils of secondary schools of second degree (1st and 2nd year) in 15 Italian cities
  • Development of training and awareness for coaches and boys teams spring in 15 Italian cities
  • Conducting a communication campaign to raise awareness


Website (IT): http://ilcalciastorie.uisp .it 

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