European Network for Women's Sport Promotion


Duration:  12 months: 1st January 2016 -31st December 2016

Location: The project has international sicope. The planned initiatives take place in France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal

Applicant / Coordinator: Alice Milliat Foundation (France), aims to promote women's sport and organize sporting events for women


  • UISP (Italian Sport for all Association§), Italy
  • NISB (Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity), Netherlands: research institute with the aim of developing studies on sports and physical education in companies.
  • FSCP (Foundation Sporting Clube de Portugal), Portugal: Foundation created by Sporting Lisbon to develop activities of solidarity and social inclusion
  • ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association), Denmark: world wide umbrella organization for the promotion of culture and sport


Funding body: EU Erasmus + Sport Collaborative partnership programme 2015


In line with the European guidelines in the field of sport, the aim of the project, promoted by the French Alice Milliat Foundation, is to promote women's sport at all levels, fostering social inclusion and equal opportunities for women. The idea of ​​the project is based on results and studies that show how in Europe women in general practice less sport and physical activity than men, while participation in sports practices and activities is an important mechanism of emancipation and social inclusion. The project actions therefore aim to establish a European Network for the promotion of women's sport, with particular attention to women at risk of social exclusion or victims of racial discrimination. The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus Plus - Collaborative Partnership.



  • Construction of a network that brings together various stakeholders who work in the field of sport and for the inclusion / emancipation of women.
  •  Promotion of initiatives / events to raise public awareness on the issue of women and sport
  • Stimulate further initiatives related to the topic



  • Organization of a European event European Women & Sport Day: a day of sport to celebrate women's sport, to introduce the issues related to the incomplete equality of women's rights in sport
  • Creation of a web platform, which aims to become a connection hub for all organizations (sports clubs, federations, associations ...) and women in general. A place to concentrate all information on projects and activities, stimulating the sharing and exchange of good practices, the inclusion of a database of good practices, the promotion of sport and the launch of crowdfunding initiatives
  • Support initiatives: each partner will organize a series of local initiatives to promote the European day and the web platform, to promote the dialogue on these issues with various national and local stakeholders.


Download the "CartaFumetto", the comics version of European Chart on Wemen Rights in sport, realised by comics artist Franziska.


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