SPORT E SALUTE 2022 - Mi.Gio.Act - I move, I play, I'm active



Duration: 9 Months: December 2022 – August 2023

Area of intervention:

The project has a national value and takes place in 20 Regions and 30 local realities for each EPS involved (for a total of 240 local realities)

Implementing consortium partners:

  • Association of Italian Sports Centers - ACSI
  • Italian Association for Sports Culture - AICS
  • Italian Sports and Social Associations - ASI
  • National Educational Sports Center - CSEN
  • Italian Sports Center - CSI
  • Popular Sports Movement - MSP
  • Italian Union of Sport for All - UISP
  • ACLI National Sports Union - US ACLI


Financing body: Sport e Salute spa for the year 2022

in collaboration with: Dipartimento per lo Sport / Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri




Financed by Sport e Salute spa and implemented by a consortium of 8 Sporting Organizations (ACSI, AICS, ASI, CSEN, CSI, MSP, UISP, US ACLI), the project "Mi.Gio.Act - I move, I play, I'm active " has the general objective of experimenting initiatives to promote access to physical activity for men and women over 60 throughout Italy, with a view to health, measurability and sustainability, with the aim of strengthening the sports system and counteract a sedentary lifestyle.

The project takes the form of a pilot action lasting 9 months. The results of this experimentation will offer useful data and tools to open a comparison on the national plan for the dissemination of motor practice for the over 60s, which the EPS will be able to implement through forms of reciprocal and sustainable collaboration.

As a strategic direction, the project adopts that of focusing on the collaboration between the EPS which, also through the affiliated Amateur Sports Associations (ASD and SSD) can strengthen the role of sentinels in the territory capable of soliciting the attention of local authorities and health garrisons so that physical activity is promoted as a public policy and health tool. Physical activity and sport are, therefore, conceived by the project as public policy tools, which find places of expression not only within traditional sports infrastructures, but also in squares, parks, streets, sports realities of proximity or neighbourhood.



  • Promote constant opportunities to practice physical activity and sport with a view to quality of life and "healthy" aging for people over 60;
  • Develop in sports operators the skills to promote the offer of physical activity and sport as a driving force for increasing the quality of life and the spread of healthy aging in the over 60 population.



Phase I: Coordination and monitoring

Phase II: Consulting training aimed at operators

Phase III: Provision of physical activity at local level

Promotional multi-sport Open Day

Experimentation of sports disciplines in each of the 30 territorial realities for each EPS of the grouping, in squares and parks. The organization of 3 events is planned in each of the provinces/metropolitan areas involved.

Path of multi-disciplinary motor activity for over 60s

Through the sports associations and clubs coordinated by the EPS and in collaboration with the municipal administrations and health centers, groups of up to 20 citizens over 60 have the opportunity to practice constant and continuous physical activity, being able to choose the disciplines included in a wide range of opportunities, for 6 months in public spaces and/or at the sports associations and clubs involved in the project (about 40-60 participants for each territory involved - 30 territories for each EPS).

“Residential” multi-sport campuses

In each of the municipalities involved, the organization of multi-sport campuses aimed at the over 60 target is envisaged, lasting 5 days (for a total of 20 hours of physical activity and promotion of healthy lifestyles for each campus), to be held in places of ordinary life. Each campus expects the participation of 40 participants. A total of 640 campuses are envisaged: each EPS of the group manages 80 campuses, distributed over the 30 territories in which the activities are carried out.

List of sports disciplines foreseen in the project: • Hydrobikes • Soft dance • Aquatics and swimming • Fast walk • Gentle gymnastics • Gymnastics aimed at health, yoga method • Dance • Golf • Petanque • Horse riding • Volleyball • Mamanet® • Tennis and Paddle • Karate • Judo • Tai Chi • Qigong • Athletics; • Cycling • Orienteering • Walking football • SkyMano® • Nordic walking • Walking Basketball • Pickleballs • Traditional folk games


Phase IV: Coordinated public communication