Antiracist Cup on tour


Duration:  11 months: 2nd March 2018 – - 1st February 2019

Location: The project has a National scope and take place in Bosco Albergati (Modena), Cagliari, Como, Martina Franca (TA), Matera, Prato, Trento.       

Applicant/Coordinator: Uisp


On each territory of the project, there is a collaboration with several local partners identified by Uisp Local Committees. In particular: Social Cooperative Society Il Sicomoro (Matera), Trento Association for foreigners welcoming  - ATAS Onlus (Trento), Municipality of Lavis (TN), SCS Kaleidoscopio (Trento), Province of Trento  / Health and Social Politics Department, Arci Civil Service Martina Franca (TA), La Palestra ASD (Martina Franca – TA), Cultural Club S. Allende (Martina Franca – TA),  ASD Polisportiva ARCI Martina (Martina Franca – TA), Association Salam ONG (Taranto), Social Cooperative Al-Fallah (Taranto), Intercultural Centre Nelson Mandela (Taranto), Group Umana Solidarietà 'Guido Puletti' Onlus (Cagliari), Caritas San Saturnino Fondazione Onlus (Cagliari), Cultural Association of friendship Sardegna-Palestine (Cagliari), Polisportiva Il Sogno ASD (Prato), Pro Loco Gravedona (Como).


Funding body:  Presidency of the Council of Ministers/Equal Opportunity Department, APAD, 2016



The project is an action against discrimination, to contrast and prevent it through sport activities, educational, artistic and cultural activities.

It envisages the organisation of 6 local editions of the antiracist cup “Mondiali Antirazzisti Uisp” and 2 editions of “Mondiali Antirazzisti” at national level.  Beside the “traditional” Uisp event, arrived in 2018 at its XXI edition, the project allowed a first edition of Southern Mondiali Antirazzisti, in the town of Matera.

A networking and awareness job is carried out at local level, with the purpose of encouraging the participation of first and second generation migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and building a constructive dialogue  with Local Institutions, Refugees’ Centres, migrants based and volunteer based associations in order to start or reinforce local synergies on the issue of integration and fight against discrimination. 

In addition, a permanent awareness campaign through Uisp networks is dedicated to sensitise public opinion and territories involved in the project.  



General objective

To encourage social inclusion of first and second generation of migrant youth, refugees and asylum seekers, and promote intercultural dialogue and discussion, meeting, exchange among foreigners and Italian youth. Common spaces, moments and sport sociality occasions are the instruments allowing this aim.   

Specific objectives

  • Promote the tool of sport as an engine of integration and dissemination of the culture of acceptance of diversity, thanks to its educational role inherent in sports teaching itself: the rules of the game, respect for the opponent, the importance of the game of group
  • Encourage the participation of first and second generation young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in initiatives and sport, cultural and awareness local events
  • Promote equal opportunities of access to educational, cultural, artistic and sport initiatives in the territory, creating a meeting point among people, overcoming differences of gender, religious confession, origin, cultural belonging, sexual orientation
  • Raise awareness involving territories on the issue of integration and the fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Activate networks and open a constructive dialogue with Local Institutions, Refugees Centres and migrants' and / or volunteers' associations to start or strengthen local synergies on the fight against all forms of discrimination and promote the tool of sport as a motor of integration.



  • Training course in occasion of kick off project meeting, to transmit skills to local operators on the organisation of an event “Mondiali Antirazzisti style”, with a focus on involvement of groups and promotion of the event
  • Organization of 6 local editions of Mondiali Antirazzisti, in the towns of Cagliari, Como, Matera, Martina Franca, Prato and Trento, with the involvement of migrans' local communities; 1 edition of Northern Mondiali Antirazzisti, in the traditional location of Bosco Albergati, 1 edition of Southern Mondiali Antirazzisti, last public event of project, in the town of Matera.



1 - Increase in the level and quality of inclusion between migrants / refugees / asylum seekers and Italian citizens in the communities involved

2 – Raised awareness of the general public and local communities object of the intervention on the issues of integration and the fight against all forms of discrimination

3 - Increase in the number and opportunities of  access to sports and cultural initiatives addressed to young first and second generation migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and aimed at favouring integration processes in the territory

4 - Increased forms of collaboration between and with local stakeholders (Local Institutions, Refugees Centres, migrants' and / or volunteers' associations) for the promotion of local initiatives and policies to fight against all forms of discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities for access to citizenship rights based on the sport methodology, proposed and consolidated by Uisp.

Additional long term results: replicability of the experience of the Mondiali Antirazzisti in other locations; consolidation of  the Mondiali Antirazzisti experience in Matera (organization of further editions).


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