Open Space Handbook

The final book of the project has been published, a modern, practical and appealing text, in line with the innovative approach of the intervention and intended not only as a national and local restitution of the project but as a compass able to direct action internal of the association and its territorial articulations along new challenges and directions, ranging from the involvement of young NEETs, to the rethinking of urban spaces, to the relationship with the administrations for the management of common goods ".

The book is divided into four sections: it begins with an introductory part that explains the project between idealistic impulses, real Italy and the results of the Uisp Committees, to then continue with a focus on sport and care of common assets signed by Pasquale Bonasora di Labsus - Laboratory for subsidiarity. The third section, edited by the sociologist Fabio Colombo, is a journey into the understanding of the NEET generation starting from the recurring definitions, the numbers and the characteristics of the phenomenon and what sport can do to reactivate girls / women who do not study and do not they work. The book closes with a fourth section that narrates the local experiences of the project in a narrative manner and directly from the pen of the protagonists: the experimental laboratories activated, the collaborations put in place, the redevelopment of the spaces and the relations with the local authorities, the disciplines proposed for involve the project target.

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