Sport for all, expressed in a single word, means more knowledge, more preparation, more professionalism, more curiosity, and consequently, more training.

This concept sees its implementation both in vertical and horizontal direction. For the High National Education to the basic education expressed by the territory, the quality distinguishes Uisp action; different methods, made in practice through a uniform methodology consistent with its background: the Ethics Code.

Give life to a similar process/path also means to be able to develop research and innovation, and for innovating we need to realize a formation capable of putting the seal on the preparation of its technicians and managers. To develop new learning to assist  the knowledge acquired; implement a path that could "enter" new skills and additional skills for the future of our organization.

It means going to act on behaviors (individual and organizational) and on the ability to intentionally seek new opportunities for training by building the opportunity for all our Uisp operators/educators to keep in touch with the deep cultural, technical and methodological changes, which have alternated in recent decades in the area of ​​physical activities and sports.

Such a route is not always require complicated proposals but simple ideas and feasible projects and  activities: to coordinate training programs; to produce technical innovation, making high-level research, to create paths for the definition of trainers and trainers of trainers, able to transfer the experience of the territory in updating our managers, conveying training and educational models. Continuity of membership, organizational renewal, cultural innovation,  three axes not to pursue in alternative form, but in parallel, so as to involve the whole association.