Monitora – Monitoring Racism


Duration:  24 months – 1st January 2023– 30th December 2024

Location: The project has a European scope and take place in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary

Applicant/Coordinator: Lunaria APS


  • UISP APS (Italy)
  • International Sport and Culture Association - ISCA (Denmark)
    Egyutt Az Interkulturalis Akcioert Alapitvanyunited Against Racism (Hu)
  • Universitè De Liège (Be)
  • Liikuntaa Ya Kultuuria Kansainvalisesti Liikkukaa Ry- Sports For All (Fi) Stop Racism In Sport (Be)

Associated Partner:

Ufficio per la Promozione della Parità di Trattamento e la Rimozione delle Discriminazioni fondate sulla Razza o sull'origine Etnica - UNAR (Italy)


Funding body: UE Eramsus + Sport Collaborative Partnership 2022


Monitora project intends to strengthen the professional skills and competencies of CSO’s, grassroots sports associations and national and local institutions, in order to enable them monitoring, documenting and reporting discrimination and racism in grassroots sport in 4 EU countries, thanks to common transnational cooperation activities of research, training and networking.



  • To collect, analyse and share the methodologies adopted at local and national level to structuring a monitoring system of discrimination and racism in sport.
  • To develop, test and disseminate a training module to enhance the professional monitoring and reporting skills of CSO’s operators, sportive operators and institutional representatives.
  • To strengthen networking at local, national and international level to design a monitoring protocol proposal.



  • Country Desk and qualitative Field Research on discrimination and racism monitoring systems adopted in 4 EU countries
  • MONITORA protocol proposal 
  • Creation of a Training module
  • National 4 Pilot Training implementation
  • Editing the Training module online
  • Campaigning and organisation of an international expert seminar + 20 multiplier sport events
  • Organisation of a final international conference



  • 4 National reports
  • Monitora Protocol of work with validation of the methodology
  • Training module





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