RISKIO: health at stake


Duration: 24 months: July 2017 – June 2019

Location: The project has a national scope, and it take place in 8 Italian cities: Ravenna, la Spezia, Lodi, Avola, Grosseto, Bolzano, Rovigo and Val di Susa

Applicant / Coordinator: Uisp


Uisp local committees of Ravenna-Lugo, La Spezia-Valdimagra, Lodi, Vallesusa, Iblei, Grosseto, Bolzano, Rovigo   


Funding body: Ministry of Health, research and information/training programme 2016 on medicines, substances and medical practices usable for doping purposes and for safeguard of health in sport activities



Riskio uses Uisp's previous experience about doping and pharmacological pollution, but introduces innovations in experimentation. While re-proposing the formula of experimental laboratories, a process innovation will be introduced through a new training / information tool, a board game, and learning by doing methodology. The game, the result of the co-design work of pupils, will be an innovative learning tool and will help to consolidate the knowledge of participants through “doing”: inventing questions, formulating responses and through simulations of gaming, students internalize, apply and at the same time they verify the new acquired knowledges and skills. The game may vary locally in its material-graphic accomplishment but will be based on a homogeneous knowledge package and pre-established guidelines. A learning App will gather materials produced in previous Uisp campaigns against doping (videos, songs, comics) along with questions / quizzes created by students with board games. Games will also be presented at a game fair where a stand will be set up. The Campaign will involve, in 2 years, about 640 students of the 1st and 2nd medals of 8 cities.



Main objective is to increasing, through the creation of a peer education / information campaign, information baggage and awareness of boys and girls of first grade secondary schools on the risk of using drugs, substances and medical practices for doping purposes and the importance of health protection in sporting activities and healthy lifestyles.



- Implementation of the App: the App will collect all previous experiences of Uisp on the subject, and will provide a database with information and news on the various thematic areas of doping

- Two-day training workshop with the participation of local officials and Uisp educators who will work in the schools

- Experimental laboratories in the 8 cities involved, with school and extracurricular meetings, for the design and construction of board games

- Promotion of the campaign and publicity of the project through the channels of communication and social networks.

- Uisp stand establishment at a Fair of Game with presentation and illustration by the kids of the 8 board games made with the project.


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