Disability and mental distress

Uisp is convinced that sport for all can and should play an especially important role and should take full understanding of the task of building and maintaining relationships of solidarity, helping to combat isolation and exclusion resulting from illness, disability or from mental illness: it is precisely the physical practice, as well as having positive effects in terms of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, also the essential function of creating community relations, to involve everyone, each according to his ability, skills and knowledge, in the construction of the collective well-being, which is something that concerns not only those who care and those who receive treatment.

A key point of Uisp policies for mental health (and for health and well-being promotion more in general), is the active participation of users, family members, workers and citizens in mental health services to ensure good treatment throughout Italy and to build health as a common good.

It is on this strong core of meaning and value that Uisp is building its campaigns, projects and initiatives regarding disability and mental health, from Matti per il Calcio to projects as Climbing Companions, Captain Hook, and Sportiva…mente and Fit for Sport, through local initiatives of our local committees and leagues of activities; and it is around this important goal we are trying to weave the actions of the various projects, initiatives and campaigns focus on building a framework for coherent actions and a common vision, as well as in view of the reproducibility and sustainability of the actions themselves.

On the other hand, for an association like Uisp, who plays consciously his role of sports association that works in social, it used to bring sport activity and playful game in those marginal areas and in places of discrimination which are also the problematic suburbs, the prison system and the juvenile institutions, all this is nothing new, but a task and a constant effort for years.