Active lifestyle and wellness

Movement, welfare, environment, nutrition, education, citizenship rights: Uisp for many years has been working on these issues with energy, passion and expertise and has promoted a large number of initiatives and qualified projects that have cut across themes and age groups. Along the paths that lead to the individual and public health, the association was constantly compared with the representatives of health system, with institutional representatives and other stakeholders in terms of contents and objectives. Together with them Uisp is building opportunities for good practices for all citizens in a logic of alliances, cultural exchanges and networking system.

The goal is to combine the issues of lifestyle and movement in a scenario of associative relationships, of social cohesion and requalification of public spaces, for a citizenship health. We want to contribute to a process leading physical activity within the scope of citizenship rights, in which an active and healthy life can become an achievement reached by all people, and in which public policies may approach a system of opportunities. It is also a goal of equity, above all in a situation in which these rights are in danger due to welfare crisis, which increases health inequalities: this is an health, educational and social problem.

Our horizon is the promotion of health for all and for all ages, the widespread distribution of physical activity built on everyone needs and possibilities so that it can motivate and become an healthy daily habit. The horizon and the planning commitment are the policy guidelines of Uisp.


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