Gender equal opportunities

New European Charter of Women's Rights in Sports is the result of Uisp European project “Olympia”. In May 2011, the contents of the paper were presented in Brussels, attended by several MEPs. Since then, the Charter has been the focus of many public events around Italy. It received subscriptions from institutions and personalities, raising in particular the issue of equal opportunities in sport and especially in the sport governing bodies.

In November 2013, at the Chamber of Deputies of Italian Parliament it was presented a motion to ask the Government to implement its specific commitments of the paper and in March of this year the Parliament approved by a large majority the motion, gathering support from all deputies. The new Charter is the result of Uisp women’s work in the years and highlights how much there is to do in the field of Rights. Uisp commitment starts in the 80s and the first written version of the charter in 1985. In the new version Uisp has taken a step forward: today we are faced with a document that goes beyond listing the principles of reference, much more detailed and lowered into the concrete.

The Charter, in fact, presents a series of recommendations, intended as desirable actions, addressed to institutions, federations, associations and sports clubs, but also to the world of University and journalists. A paper that wants to talk about rights and equal opportunities, to combat gender discrimination, to combat racism and homophobia, against violence. For this reasons Uisp continues its commitment in training and education, to face issues such as gender violence and the fight against femicide, for the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender. Even sport can and must do something about these degenerations. Safety does not mean to stay close to home, but live urban spaces, animate the cities, bring them to life by establishing relationships with the other, different from oneself. This is Uisp contribution to a multi-ethnic country, opened to meeting and dialogue, against all forms of discrimination.