Uisp against doping

In addition to the commitment to guarantee to citizens the right to sport for all, Uisp has always considered a duty to guarantee a clean sport. Consequently, to fight any form of pharmacological pollution and doping in sport, even amateur, it has been and will always be one of the primary objectives of the association.
Starting from the experiences of information campaigns in schools ("We love sport, we play clean" - 1998) and of projects financed by the European Community ("Dracula Doesn’t Drink Doping" - 2001), Uisp had the objective to make young people aware of these phenomena and to enhance their active leadership in the design and implementation of communication campaigns aimed first of all to their peers. On this basis, Uisp developed two information projects in high schools, "Primaedoping" (2004) and "Asinochi-doping" (2006), under the agreement with Supervisory Commission on doping and the National Institute of Health.

In 2008/2009, the action has been passed to the students of junior high schools with "Mom talks about doping" and in 2010 with the campaign "Clean Sport-field reporters", in which students have become editors for the creation of a class newspaper on issues of doping and in particular about the use and abuse of protein integrators and pharmacological additives. These national campaigns have generated numerous Uisp projects all over the territor.
Supported and assisted by their teachers and Uisp educators, the students have made reports and interviews in sports clubs, gyms, pharmacies and drugstores, collecting the items and the opinions of parents, athletes, coaches, nutritionists, pediatricians and sports doctors. In this way they were able to develop a cognitive path built independently, acquiring reference values and beliefs that will surely remain in their heritage. As in previous campaigns, an assessment has been made to  evaluate the effectiveness of this action, through in and out questionnaires and interviews conducted by the students; monitoring results were presented in a closing conference of the trial. The campaign was financed by the Ministry of Health – Commission for the supervisory and control of doping and for the protection of health in sport activities, under the program "Campaigns of formation/information for the protection of sports activities and the prevention of doping."

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