Fit for Sport

Paths of inclusion in the area of mental distress


Project cities: 1st phase: Milan, Florence, Taranto; 2nd Phase: Enna, Lamezia Terme, Orvieto, Piacenza, Vallesusa Duration:  14th June 2013 – 13th June 2014 (12 months)
Financing: Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Equal Opportunities

This annual project proposed to continue the positive experience of "Sportiva…mente”, promoting and developing sports activities addressed to people in the area of mental distress and to psychiatric patients, with the aim to ensure equal opportunities to all citizens the access to opportunities of well-being, of quality of life and health, also evaluating the effectiveness of the paths of inclusion and rehabilitation.

Sportforall  represents an ideal setting for both the observation of the problems of personality, group dynamics, learning, and as a therapeutic intervention, for example in the development of emotional intelligence and relational skills, even in situations of serious disease. Sports activities also promote the development of mental abilities, imagination ability, activation or deactivation (ie management of mental energy), of anxiety management, of ability to concentrate. Such skills are not invariable in the individual but can be trained just like physical and technical skills. Given the nature of the project, different methodologies have been identified, highly interconnected each other, linked to the different objectives that individual actions have set.
The testimonies of the protagonists and the results of the experimental project are contained in a DVD.

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