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The Uisp is one of the key partners in the project Heroes of Football, co-funded by the European Commission. This project will have it’s launch in the 2nd half of 2016. As soon as we have more information to share, you will find this on our website.

Period: 1 genuary 2016 -31 dicember 2017         
Territorial intervention:
the project is at international level. It will be developed in Italy, Oland, UK, France, Belgium, Germany
John Blankenstein Foundation (Oland): works on the acceptance of LGBT athletes in sports. As such, the! foundation is a core! partner in the gayXstraight alliance in sports in the


  • UISP
  • John Blankenstein Foundation (Oland): foundation that works on the acceptance of LGBT athletes in the sports world and the fight against stereotypes and prejudices.
  • European Gay and Lesbian Federation (EGLSF) – Olanda: la Federazione Europea che raccoglie oltre 20.000 atleti LGBT in 20 paesi e organizza gli Euro Games
  • Pride Sport (UK): associazione inglese contro l’omofobia nello sport
  • B Yourself (Francia): associazione che combatte gli stereotipi nel calcio
  • KBVB (Belgio): fondazione della Federcalcio Belga sul tema della social responsability.
  • Universität Vechta (Germania): centro di psicologia dello sport che ha coordinato diverse ricerche e iniziative sul calcio contro l’omofobia

Co-funded by:Erasmus plus collaborative



Heroes of football is a collaborave partnership of seven European Not-For-Profit organisatons, which aims to generate an environment in professional football in which it is safe to express Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender (hereaIer: LGBT) preferences, and that breaks the on-going vicious circle of fear and negativity associated with LGBT in football. Through this, the partnership aims to engage LGBT issues in the broader society throughout Europe, which include homophobia and discrimination against individuals with an LGBT preference, as well as their public safety. Heroes of football proposes an innovative approach to this issue, leveraging on the stature and reach of professional football players. During the project, a team of high-profile professional football players will be formed that speak out in favour of LGBT acceptance in football. The members of this team, both currently active and retired, will serve as role models for everyone who plays and/or loves football. The team will be dubbed ‘Heroes of Football.’
The project will also include an (online) educational game that will unmask the reasons underlying current LGBT issues in football. The game will be set up to create both personal interest and involvement in LGBTs in football, and a greater understanding of current LGBT issues in football, generating a greater awareness and sense of personal responsibility towards the consequences of aStudes and behaviour towards LGBTs in football. The educational game will be available as a mobile app for all major platforms
The educational game will be released on a high-profile launch day at a major football stadium in Europe. On this day, the Heroes of Football team will play a friendly match 1

The primary objective that the Heroes of football project pursues is: “To tackle cross border threats to the integrity of sport, such as doping, match: fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination”. The project’s main objective: to create awareness withindividual soccer players of all ages and their environment, of their own share in the equal treatment of people (LGBT oriented), through sports workshops and a tournament day. The new standard: to be able to unconditionally be yourself in football (sports).
It comes to athletic performance and enjoyment of every individual that contributes to the success of an entire team.The primary objective Heroes of football project pursues is: “To tackle cross:border threats to the integrity of sport, such as doping,match:fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination”.


  • Project management & Coordination
  • Creation of Heroes of football team
  • Heroes of football educational game (including app)
  • Launch of the “Heroes of football” educational program
  • Heroes of football documentary
  • Dissemination & Exploitation



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