Project managment

UISP has chosen to work for objectives, campaign and project for realising activities which responds to the citizens’ needs, evaluating the experiences and the resources expressed by the association, inside the wider plan of political and social strategy elaborated at national and international level.

The main goal is creating network and cooperation, connecting actions and be a meeting point for all the projects done by the association at each level (from the local to the international one), establishing relationship with the social fabric, the authorities and the political world.

The idea is to be a focal point which collects and gives back information about European, national and local funding opportunities. It is also important to give support to the local work of projecting, throughout specific intervention of projecting, counselling, training, monitoring and evaluation.

This website ( should be the starting point of a sharing work: the national and international projects have been divided in most strategic and primary thematic areas for the association, and you will find both in Italian and English.

An ID card of the association though its activities stated following the UISP’s basic values, a time-space trip which present all the projects realised till now, which have fostered a cultural and organizational growing of the overall association.

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