Social promotion

Italian Law number 383 is the law of funding for associations that carry out social promotion activities (who have social, civil and cultural purposes). As mentioned in the Law’s article 1, it recognizes the value of social associations freely formed and its many activities as an expression of participation, solidarity and pluralism; the association promotes development in all its geographical locations, safeguarding its autonomy; it promotes its original contribution to the achievement of social, civil, cultural and ethical purposes.
All projects of social promotion carried out by Uisp can be found at:

Uisp chose to work by objectives and projects starting from a few basic reasons:

• the need for enhancing and reworking of qualitatively more advanced experiences to facilitate comparison, exchange and consolidation;

• the choice to improve innovative capabilities, through the use of skills and knowledge, initiating experiments and verify the results;

• the need to broaden partnerships and collaborations with other organizations on the basis of common objectives, both at national and European level;

• the identification of a strategic objective: the affirmation of sport for all as a social actor in new welfare policies and accredited interlocutor of all the stakeholders.

Working in this way means making activities more and more in line with citizens' needs, enhancing and optimizing the resources of the association and of the territory.

In this way Uisp implements forms of management, procedures for assessment and verification of methods and results, cultural inclusion, even at transnational level. In addition, working for project induces managers and educators to cultivate their own training (to form/to inform), taking care of both the specific sector and interconnections with other areas.

The logic of working for project inside a complex organization has made for steps and for subsequent experiments which allow to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions on the basis of the results obtained, creating in this way a projects community.


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