Uisp Friuli Venezia Giulia for a new sustainable mobility

The Region, Uisp e Fiab (Federation friends of the bicycles) presented a new strategy for develop the slow mobility

A high programming and a constant investment of resources in the security of the streets, with the goal of eliminating all the at risk places and strengthening the slow mobility. This is the engagement of the Regional Assessor for the infrastructures of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Mariagrazia Santoro, has shared with UISP Friuli Venezia Giulia, FIAB and Legambiente for defying some priorities for the development of anew mobility, widely oriented to the use of bicycle, the interconnection with the public local transportation and the support to the security for cyclists and pedestrians.

A useful suppor twill be “Mitris”, an integrated system of the risk monitoring about street incidents and the analysis of the interconnection between behaviours and incidents. The data have shown that the 81% of the most serious incidents is the town. So it becomes necessary to find solution to preserve cyclists and pedestrians. Federico Zadnich, regional coordinator of Fiab, Andrea Wehrenfennig, responsible Legambiente FVG e Elena Debetto, president Uisp FVG underlined the needs of the rethink the urban mobility, creating pedestrian islands, new cycling routes and other possibilities to promote the use of bicycles.

Santoro underlined the fact that “it is necessary to influence the culture of the project makers, promoting the training of the municipal experts, in order to support the use of bicycles for the transfer home-work-home” Among the new things proposed by the Region there is the inserting of a specific network dedicated to the slow mobility inside the wider Plan for the Landscape, including the mapping of all the cycling routes.

(Source: Adnkronos)


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