Sport in sub-urban areas

Grassroots sport, sport for all, is the freedom to move, to invent, to get excited. To be really this, no one excluded, the key word - that inspires every Uisp sport offer - is inclusion. That is: sport is done with others, together with others, all together. 

What we are witnessing today is not only a crisis of the suburbs, but of the whole city, of a model of polis that abdicated itself as a common space and surrendered to "individualism". 

In this context of social and urban disintegration, Uisp responds with the construction of solidarity communities. The widespread presence on the territory of popular associations such as Uisp, of citizenship self-organized through sport, shows that it is possible to start from here to face the crisis, aiming at the reconstruction and maintenance of solidarity and mutual aid, and the reinforcement of a system of social equality and rights for all, aimed at the spreading of a collective well-being. 

This is why Uisp lives in the social and urban suburbs to offer opportunities for integrated sports. And this is why Uisp is involved in the redevelopment of suburbs and poor areas, offering participation and relations: sport is a common good, to the extent that it allows the re-appropriation of city portions to make them available to all citizens, produces collective knowledge, responds to social disintegration with popular solidarity and the sharing of time and spaces. 

Sport, movement, urban freestyle, active lifestyle can invent a new way of being together, of building social life. And to rethink spaces in a participatory form, dismantle and reassemble them, build relationships between citizens that contribute to "mending" spaces and relationships. From this emerges a conceptual map: citizenship, listening, self-organization, activation, meaning, work, space, reuse, sobriety, maintenance, care. The finish line is the same fact of meeting, participate, plan together.

Among the projects carried out, " Freestyle routes: Active lifestyles and street activites for the protection of adolescence"  (see the section on childhood and youth), and "Taking Care", a mobile device for promoting the sport of citizenship in urban suburbs.