Eyess Project: the final event will take place on Friday 19 February 2021

The program includes an online comparison-day, with the participation of international guests who will discuss the perspectives of sport for inclusion


The final event of the European project EYESS-Engaging Youth in Solidarity and Sport, of which Uisp is the lead partner, will be held on Friday 19 February starting at 10 AM in the online mode.

There will be interventions by the project partners, four moments of discussion on the perspectives of sport as a tool for inclusion, and two parallel workshops on the organization of an anti-racist sporting event and on the hate speech.

The project is committed to fighting racism and encouraging social integration through the practice of sports:

non-governmental organizations and universities from five European countries took the field to study the characteristics of an event such as the Antiracist World Cup, in order to replicate the formula in partner countries. The good practices collected during the Antiracist World Cup represent the basis from which to start to propose that type of event, adapting it to the needs of the areas in which they will be staged. The activities had as a general focus on solidarity and social integration of migrants through sport.

The final event will be broadcast live from the Facebook page of the Eyess project, with speeches by many Italian and international experts, including Vincenzo Manco, president of Uisp; Daniela De Angelis, coordinator of the Social Responsibility Sector of the Italian Rugby Federation; Saidou Oumar Daffe, Lega Serie A, Anti-Discrimination and Social Responsibility Office; Triantafillos Loukarelis, director of UNAR - National Office against Racial Discrimination; Luigi Dell’Orso, member of the Sport board of directors of the University of Rome "La Sapienza"; Grace Naletto, Lunaria; Valerio Cataldi, president of the Rome Charter Association; Tiziano Pesce, Uisp vice president; Mogens Kirkeby, president of Isca - International Sport and Culture Association; Fabrizio Pregliasco, president of Anpas; Maurizio Marano, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

It is possible to participate in the meeting by registering at this link


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