Project Monitora Uisp: new actions against discrimination

Training for sports managers and coaches. This is how the Monitora project promotes awareness and good practices for a truly inclusive sport


On Saturday, 20 January, a training day dedicated to the fight against discrimination in sport was held at the Fulvio Bernardini Uisp sports facility in Rome. The initiative is part of the Uisp Monitora project, financed by the European Erasmus+ Sport programme and coordinated by Lunaria, with the active participation of Uisp as main partner.

The day turned out to be an important opportunity to deepen crucial issues and promote awareness on how to deal with discrimination in the sports context, capturing the attention of coaches and sports managers from different realities, including Uisp Rome, Uisp Umbria and Uisp Florence.

In the first segment of the event, sociologist Davide Valeri offered an in-depth look at the different forms of discrimination in sport. Through concrete examples, Valeri illustrated both situations of racism and actions of resistance and inclusion. His presentation laid the foundation for a constructive discussion on how to recognise and prevent such behaviour within the sporting environment.

Afterwards, Loredana Barra and Manolo Cattari, representatives of Uisp Sassari, led the participants in an experiential and reflective moment. Focusing on the concept of being a victim, the group explored what it means to suffer discrimination and how to support those who are victims of verbal or physical violence.

This phase provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences: an exercise in empathy that is fundamental in this context.

Finally, Stefania N'Kombo, José Teresa and Roberta Pomponi from Lunaria presented the core of the project: monitoring. The importance of an active approach in the fight against discrimination was emphasised. How complaints can be collected? What is the ultimate goal of this survey? These are some of the key working questions for the Monitora project that were focused on at this stage.

Those who participated in the training were thus able to acquire practical knowledge and fundamental skills in the fight against racism in sport, thanks to the presence of experts in different fields and the variety of topics covered, which made the day rich and meaningful.

Thinking back to the latest sad episode of racist chants against AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan, we can realise how crucial a project like Monitora is in the European sports landscape. By promoting transnational collaboration and the sharing of best practices to create an inclusive sporting environment, this initiative aims, in fact, to demonstrate that through discussion, study and concrete action, it is possible to build a future in which sport is truly for all. (Lorenzo Boffa)


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