Sentry Sport: everything is ready in Rome for Giocavolley

Saturday 27 May, at the Fulvio Bernardini sports facility, the last stage of Giocavolley (“playvolley”) will be held in collaboration with the Sentry Sport project


Giocavolley and Sentry Sport together for the last stage of the volleyball event dedicated to children organized by the Uisp Committee of Rome. The trophy, the usual appointment of Volleyball Uisp Roma, after the first four events held from February to April is ready to say goodbye with a party dedicated to fun and awareness. The event will be held on Saturday 27 May starting at 3 pm at the Fulvio Bernardini municipal sports facility in Via dell’Acqua Marcia 51. It will be an original stage where sport will meet social life through collaboration within the Sentry Sport project. Sentry Sport aims to develop a common methodology for monitoring, preventing and mediating the discriminatory phenomenon in sports venues, based on the role that grassroots sport can play in tackling discrimination and supporting victims.

During Saturday event, particular attention will be paid to raising awareness against discrimination in the world of sport through specific focuses addressed to parents, managers, coaches and referees in the world of volleyball to identify means and paths for to fight all forms of exclusion and ensure that sport can be a place without barriers of any kind. Children will also be sensitized through a speech on ways to welcome children of different cultural origins and on the respect for others, on and off the field. At the end of the day, a project gadget will be distributed to each participant.

In the past three years of the project, a series of monitoring and awareness-raising activities have been developed in the seven European countries involved and a series of materials have been created which can be downloaded from the international site: The project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. To make everyone aware of the problem of the sport drop-out by those who have been for a long time discriminated against and abused, both verbally or physically, a video was made: