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Sport to get to know, socialize, welcome. On the occasion of the IRTS project meeting, Uisp Roma interviews Alberto Urbinati, president of Liberi Nantes


On the occasion of the meeting for the European project IRTS-Integration of Refugees Through Sport, held on 7 September in the Italian capital, Uisp Roma interviewed Alberto Urbinati, president of Liberi Nantes, a non-profit amateur sports association, founded in Rome in 2007 for the promotion and dissemination of sports as tools for social inclusion. A mission that the association has carried out over the last year despite the difficulties and which the president has no intention of giving up for the foreseeable future. “a lot of patience was required during this time, in which we endured an extraordinary and anomalous situation. Nevertheless, we tried maintaining contacts with team members, and we have organized training whenever possible, in compliance with all current rules", said Urbinati.

A year of patience and suffering that is now hoped to be definitively behind us. "In September should start again the third category championship, which we have been carrying on for 13 years. Every year we start from scratch, since new boys join the team, in addition to those who remain", says the president of the association. "Liberi Nantes has allowed us to meet thousands of migrant children. Through sport we know and welcome new people: this is the true purpose of Liberi Nantes, an association that uses sport as a means and not as an end. Football is the means we use to socialize and build bridges with the local community ", he concluded. (article by Chiara Feleppa - Video service by Sergio Pannocchia)