"The difficult recovery of sport for all in Europe": Kirkeby speaks

ISCA president outlines the current difficulties of grassroots sport and the forecasts for next season


On Tuesday 7th September, in Rome, 30 people from different organizations from all over Europe met in presence, after a year and a half of remote work, for one of the appointments of the IRTS (Integration of Reguees Through Sport) project of which Uisp is partner.


The goal of these meetings in the Italian capital is to evaluate the first year of work of the mentoring program and schedule the second year. A second objective is to discuss the restart after covid-19 which stopped sport and especially social activities.

Mogens Kirkeby, president of ISCA-International Sport and Culture Association, which brings together 260 different organizations from 85 countries, spoke on this issue. “From a European perspective, I believe we will have to face major challenges. Many people have stopped, many have been in lockdown and only a few have found the time to discover new outdoor activities. But grassroots association’s activities, such as those of football, gymnastics, and other, have been stopped”, said Kirkeby recognizing the difficulty of starting over but also hoping for a return to traditional activities, combined with new ones.

“We have observed that many people have discovered walking, running, even cycling, because they were the only possible activities. Well continue – underlines ISCA President - to do this, but we need people to come back even to play sports in the traditional way. Many companies have been at a standstill for so long that it is difficult to start a path all over again. "

For every coach or manager who does not resume the activity, we also lose a minimum of 10-20 participants. Many realities have lost their workforce, especially that of volunteers. So - concludes Mogens - we need to convince participants to come back, but also managers and sports educators to start over”. (Curated by Sergio Pannocchia)




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