The partners of the European project Monitora met in Liège

Uisp is a partner in the project studying discrimination in sport to implement effective strategies to combat it. D. Conti speaking


The first in-person meeting between the partners of the European project Monitora, supported by the Erasmus+ Sport programme, of which Uisp is a partner and the Lunaria Association is lead partner, took place in Liège from 13 to 15 February. Together with the University of Liège, which hosted the meeting, the project consortium includes the association Liikkukaa! (Finland), Stop Racism in Sport (Belgium), United Against Racism (Hungary), Insternational Sport and Culture Association/ISCA (Denmark), and UNAR - the National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office in Italy, as an associated partner.

The meeting has been the first moment of knowledge and sharing between the realities involved. This is a project that tends to valorise at European level the experience that Uisp, Lunaria and UNAR carried out between 2021 and 2022 with the Observatory on Discrimination in Sport - Mauro Valeri. The objective is therefore the definition and development of a methodology for monitoring racism in sport, an unprecedented objective in Europe, to support the various actors involved in the fight against discrimination in sport, providing them with a useful reference tool to analyse the phenomenon and to better understand its characteristics, to define more effective strategies and activities to curb it. To pursue this objective, the project envisages an important phase of data collection in the countries involved. Leading the development of this research phase will be the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Liège.

The partners then discussed the old and new characteristics of the phenomenon of racism and other forms of discrimination in sport and how important it is to try to ensure that the project achieves useful and effective results. First and foremost, it emerged that it is important that data collection follows criteria that are as homogeneous as possible in order to arrive at the end of the project with a report that can offer a realistic and analytical picture of the phenomenon in the contexts analysed. The University of Liège, which will prepare the report, is counting on the essential contribution of the partner organisations, which in the first phase of the project will be engaged in collecting data through interviews at various levels: governmental and sports institutions, sports and third sector associations and the media. In this regard, the criteria and type of questions to be asked to the interviewees identified by the partner organisations in their country have been selected and identified.

The meeting was attended by Daniela Conti, Uisp Interculturality and Cooperation Policies Manager, and Raffaella Chiodo Karpinsky, Uisp collaborator. Thus begins a new phase that sees Uisp engaged in an important challenge at international level. A significant stage in this journey is planned for the autumn in Rome: the partners will meet for a seminar in which the results of the research will be presented. 'The objective of this project,' underlined Daniela Conti, 'is to export to Europe the model experimented with Lunaria and Unar with the creation of the Observatory against discrimination in sport. Also in light of the most recent episodes of racism that have occurred in the world of sport in Italy, it is necessary to create a methodology tested at European level to understand the magnitude of the phenomenon and to prepare future initiatives to reduce racist episodes. This project aims to create materials that will be useful for our campaigns against all forms of discrimination in sport and for specific training for educators and sports managers and, finally, for the creation of a future European observatory on the issue'. (by Raffaella Chiodo Karpinsky)



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