Sentry sport: three stories of discrimination in one video

From true stories, testimonies collected with the project, a video describing the daily life of discrimination was created


Have you ever wondered how many people drop out of sport because they are discriminated? Or whether the high youth drop-out from the world of sport (as the statistics from all over Europe show) stems solely and exclusively from tiredness, too much study or boredom and not from difficulties in feeling accepted?

"Girls can't play football, they can play with dolls" "Gays can only be dancers" "Muslims should play sports with Muslims, because they have other habits" "We let also refugees play sports, besides who pays for their house and mobile phone" "Physically disabled people play sports and it's almost normal, but mentally disabled people don't. If they are crazy how can they play? I would be afraid" "You are too fat" "you are too skinny" "come here ‘chocolate candy’ change places with the small Paul" "sorry but it's not fair who change gender can compete in sport, males who becomes women are stronger, you can't put them later among females"...

We did not invent these sentences, they are testimonies emerging from the Sentry Sport project (, coordinated by UISP (  e supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

We thought that more than our own words and analysis, it was right to leave space for 3 emblematic stories that somehow encapsulate all the difficulties experienced especially by younger people.

The video in English is subtitled in Italian, French, English, German, Greek and Spanish and was made by ISCA. We would like to thank the intentional civil service youths who lent themselves as actors


The project is implemented by a consortium of associations fighting against discrimination within our society and in sport: VIDC (Austria), International Sport and Culture Association - ISCA (Denmark) European Forum for Urban Security – EFUS (France), Koinsep En Drasei (Greece), Red Deporte y Cooperación (Spain).